For the safety of your personnel, product, environment, and maintenance engineer.


Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinets

Cytotoxic drug safety cabinets are designed as modular work stations for use in pharmacy applications involving the preparation, reconstruction, and dispensing of cytotoxic drugs and certain other non-biological materials which cannot be inactivated by conventional methods, i.e. decontamination by formaldehyde fumigation.

Many of these materials are known to be mutagens and are suspected of being carcinogens and teratogens or present similar hazards in handling. The effects are insidious as they may not manifest themselves for some years. The safety requirements are three folds:

  • protection of all personnel and the environment from any aerosol, particles or vapours which may be liberated in the preparation, manipulation, and dispensing of cytotoxic drugs;
  • protection of drug products so that they may be prepared or dispensed in an environment essentially free from particulate (including biological) matter;
  • protection of maintenance and testing personnel from exposure to the residue of drug products which may contaminate the filder, mechanical components and other surfaces.